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Based in Melbourne, Australia

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Slash, dash and reap your way through the mystical realm of Grim Balance as Ollie, the Grim Reaper’s tiny assistant in this colourful adventure platformer game. Ollie has been left in charge of Death’s mansion while Grim has gone on a well-deserved holiday. Unfortunately, clumsy Ollie accidentally shatters a jar containing a vast, and important, collection of souls. Now Ollie has to traverse the lands of Death’s Domain and collect all the souls he let loose, or else he will suffer the wrath of Death. Or maybe worse… get fired!



  • Beautiful and mysterious landscapes.
  • Bring the world to life with the power of your scythe
  • Hidden collectables for the ambitious adventurer
  • Original music score
  • Monster log detailing every enemy in the game
  • Unlock concept art and extra story in the Hall of the Dead
  • 4 Epic boss fights
  • 4 levels full of adventure


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ollie character sheet.png
GrimBalanceBuild 2016-11-02 14-23-58-04.png
GrimBalanceBuild 2016-11-02 14-14-43-33.png
GrimBalanceBuild 2016-11-02 14-24-23-03.png
GrimBalanceBuild 2016-11-02 14-25-48-04.png
GrimBalanceBuild 2016-11-02 14-32-47-43.png
GrimBalanceBuild 2016-11-02 14-34-44-58.png
GrimBalanceBuild 2016-11-02 14-41-26-30.png
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      About Little Reaper Games

      Little Reaper Games, is an independent games studio based in Melbourne, Australia. We are a company that will strive to create charming little games that don't take themselves too seriously. Currently we are working on 'Grim Balance' a 2.5D Adventure platforming game, due for release mid 2016.

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      Grim Balance Credits

      Adam Robertson
      Directing Manager / Lead Artist

      Adrian Lowres
      Directing Manager / Artist / Producer

      David Stow
      Lead Programmer

      Jess Evangelista
      Animator / Artist

      Joshua Andrysik
      Technical Artist / Effects

      Taylor Bushell

      Samuel Cole

      Liam Bushell
      Sound and music

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